Jewel Round Table

Modell: Jewel Round Table
Design: Søren Juul, 2013
Produsent: DK3, DK

The first meeting between Søren Juul and dk3 was in the summer 2012 at a Danish fair, where Søren got in contact with dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup and introduced some sketches of a table he had made long ago. And just by briefly looking at the lines of the first drawings, it was obvious to Jacob Plejdrup, that this was a project he wanted to see brought to life.

Søren Juul's favourite form was the cube, which could be seen both in his private home and in a lot of his work. Therefore, it was evident that the JEWEL TABLE should have a cubic base, made of one entire, plain steel frame. The name JEWEL emerged, when Jacob Plejdrup tried to pronounce Søren Juul's last name in English. "Juul" became JEWEL, and the table is indeed a true jewel with its cubic-formed steel frame and the soft, sloping edge of the tabletop. Sadly, Søren Juul never lived to see the table be launched, but his brilliant design ideas live on in the JEWEL TABLE and in all his other works.

The table comes in a square and round version, and both versions can be extended by a 50 cm extension leaf. At the launch in 2013, the table was introduced with a solid wood tabletop in different wood types, and in 2018 the JEWEL TABLE was taken to new heights by launching it in a beautiful matt black Marquina marble with a round thabletop and black powder coated steel frame.

In 2020, the black Marquina marble has been accompanied by a delicate matt white Carrara marble to enhance the impressive selection of JEWEL tabletops.