Jewel Round Table

Modell: Lowlight Table
Design: Jacob Plejdrup, 2014
Produsent: DK3, DK

The first meeting between Søren Juul and dk3 was in the summer 2012 at a Danish fair, where Søren got in contact with dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup and introduced some sketches of a table he had made long ago. And just by briefly looking at the lines of the first drawings, it was obvious to Jacob Plejdrup, that this was a project he wanted to see brought to life.

However, it took no less than 18 months to complete all the elements of the table, before it could finally be launched in 2014. It required great craftsmanship skills, carefulness and patience from the carpenters to get all the details right and to attain a satisfactory result identical to the design sketches. And they did succeed in bringing the design ideas to life and create a table with a complex construction, yet a simple and light appearance. The LOWLIGHT TABLE is perhaps best described by Da Vinci's famous words "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

The table is characterized by an open and slightly sloping base, which perfectly matches the rounded, sloping edge of the tabletop. The base in black powder coated steel ensures stability and perfect seating at the table, and the tabletop can be extended with extension leaves at any time.

In 2017, the LOWLIGHT design was extended by a new and version under the name HIGHLIGHT TABLE, with a tabletop in wild oak or wild walnut and natural, rough edges.